Squint Correction

About Squint Correction?

Squint/strabismus, where the eyes are not aligned in the same direction, this can be present only part of the time, in one or alternating between two eyes. In a child may result in AMBLYOPIA or LAZY EYE

How is a squint diagnosed and assessed?

It is important to diagnose a squint (and amblyopia) as early as possible. Routine checks to detect eye problems in babies and children are usually done at the newborn examination and at the 6- to 8-week review.

There is also a routine preschool or school-entry vision check.

Some newborn babies have a mild intermittent squint that soon goes, reducing by 2 months of age and gone by 4 months of age. However, fixed squints are usually permanent unless treated. So, as a guide:

  • A squint seen in a newborn baby is likely to resolve if it is intermittent (comes and goes), reducing by 2 months of age and gone by 4 months of age.
  • to an eye surgeon (ophthalmologist) for further assessment and treatment.
What are the treatments for squint (strabismus)?
  • Treating amblyopia (visual loss) if this is present.
  • Wearing glasses to correct any refractive error, if this is present.
  • Surgery is often needed to correct the appearance of the squint itself and may help to restore binocular vision in some cases.

Correcting refractive errors:

If a child has a refractive error (long or short sight, for example) then glasses will be prescribed. This corrects vision in the eye. It may also straighten the squinting eye, if the refractive error was the cause of the squint.


In many cases an operation is advised to make the eyes as straight as possible. The main aim of surgery is to improve the appearance of the eyes. In some cases, surgery may also improve or restore binocular vision (this means that the two eyes are working together).

The exact operation that is done depends on the type and severity of the squint. It may involve moving the place where a muscle attaches to the eyeball or, one of the muscles that moves an eye may be shortened. Sometimes a combination of these techniques is used.